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Water Kefir Grains

Making water kefir at home is fast, easy, cost-effective, and delicious. It is a light, sparkling probiotic drink that makes a simple replacement for fizzy soda.

Once you have water kefir grains, these grains will brew for you forever. Rehydrate the water kefir grains and follow the instructions to brew unlimited fizzy, probiotic soda at home with your choice of flavors.

Homemade water kefir, also known as tibicos grains or tibicos kefir, is different than milk kefir grains, and unlike kombucha, it does not taste of tea, or contain caffeine.

Water Kefir Kit Includes:

  • 15-gram pack of dehydrated organic water kefir grains
  • Printed guide for the care of grains and recipes
  • Stainless steel band for wide mouth mason jar
  • Silicone airlock lid for wide mouth mason jar

The kit does not contain bottles and jars.  We recommend wide-mouth mason jars to brew in.


Here are answers to common questions and tips for brewing water kefir at home.


Here is our recipe for making water kefir at home

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